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Faithfull Mini Sliding Bevel £4.06Save £1.56 Faithfull Combination Square 150mm/6 in £4.77Save £1.82 Stanley Try and Mitre Square 200mm 2-46-500 £5.37Save £0.99 Fisher F411ME Combination Square with Aluminium Blade 6in £5.75Save £0.30 Faithfull Mini Try Square £6.08  Fisco 56ME Combination Square 6in 15cm £6.30Save £1.16 Fisher F24ME6 Try Square 6in/150mm £6.41Save £0.53 Blue Spot Combination Square 12in 33924 £6.42  Starrett 970 Pro Site Protractor Holster £6.43  Sealey Carpenter's Hardwood Square 150mm £6.65Save £6.49 Bahco CS150 Combination Square 150mm / 6in £6.68Save £4.22 Blue Spot Framing Square 24in X 16in 25701 £7.13  R.S.T RC038 Beech Marking Gauge £7.31  Sealey Carpenter's Hardwood Square 230mm £7.57Save £7.97 Fisher FB22ME Combination Square £7.66Save £0.70 Sealey Hardwood Marking Gauge 230mm £7.78Save £4.16 Sealey Combination Square 300mm £8.23Save £4.91 Sealey Adjustable Hardwood Bevel 230mm £8.25Save £8.49 R.S.T RC425 Beechwood Carpenters Square 6in £8.47Save £2.29 Sealey Adjustable Hardwood Bevel 190mm £8.55Save £5.79 R.S.T RC427 Beechwood Carpenters Square 9in £9.11Save £2.34 Faithfull Combination Square 300mm/12 in £9.59Save £6.13 Stanley 300mm/12in Combination Metal Square 2-46-222 £9.65Save £3.19 Fisher FB295ME Angle Finder 12in £9.69Save £1.49 Faithfull Mini Combination Gauge £10.17Save £3.98 Faithfull Sliding Bevel 190mm / 7.1/2in £10.19Save £3.98 Bahco Combination Square 300mm / 12in £10.36Save £9.88 Stanley 5025 Sliding Bevel 9in 0-46-529 £10.39Save £4.27 Sealey Carpenter's Hardwood Square 300mm £10.55Save £7.39 Stanley 5025 Sliding Bevel 10.1/2in 0-46-535 £10.84Save £4.53 Faithfull Sliding Bevel 230mm / 9in £10.84Save £4.62 Fisco 52ME Combination Square 12in 30cm £10.96Save £1.15 Sealey Hardwood Mortise Gauge 230mm £10.99Save £8.15 Fisher FB225ME Combination Square 12in Blister £11.04Save £2.20 Stanley Moulded Plastic Styrete Marking Gauge 2-47-064 £11.05Save £1.79 Stanley Sliding Bevel 200mm £11.59Save £2.09 Irwin Marples MR2049 Marking Gauge £11.63Save £2.22 Faithfull Carpenters Try Square 6in £11.68Save £5.41 Faithfull Aluminium Sliding Bevel with Stainless Steel Blade 250mm £11.68Save £8.12 Faithfull Combination Square 400mm/16 in £11.95Save £5.65 Faithfull Sliding Bevel 270mm £12.16Save £5.86 Faithfull Marking Gauge £12.16Save £5.86 Faithfull Cutting Gauge £12.41Save £6.09 Bahco 9048-250 Aluminium Block and Steel Try Square 250mm £12.43Save £7.25 Faithfull Folding Square 600mm £12.61Save £7.45 Irwin Aluminium Try and Mitre Square 250mm £12.69Save £5.07 Bahco 9048-200 Aluminium Block and Steel Try Square 200mm £12.72Save £6.30 Bahco 9574-200 Aluminium Sliding Bevel 200mm £12.81Save £6.71 Bahco 9574-250 Aluminium Sliding Bevel 250mm £12.81Save £7.23 R.S.T RC421 Rosewood Carpenters Try Square 6in £13.25Save £4.99 Bahco 9048-300 Aluminium Block and Steel Try Square 300mm £13.58Save £8.90 Bahco Combination Square 40cm / 16in / 400mm £13.59Save £8.95
Results 1-52 (of 93) for Gauges
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