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Blue Spot Aluminium Ruler 6In/150mm 33930 £1.67  Blue Spot Aluminium Ruler 12In/300mm 33932 £2.03  Faithfull Steel Rule 150mm/6in X 19mm £2.23  Sealey Steel Rule 150mm/6in £2.89Save £0.05 Fisco 706S Stainless Steel Rule 6in/15cm £3.06  Faithfull Steel Rule 300mm/12in X 25mm £3.30Save £0.95 Maun Safety Rule 1773-012 12in £3.50  Maun Safety Rule 1774-300 300mm £3.50  Fisher F106ME Steel Rule 6in/150mm £4.14  Fisher Satin Chrome Rule 6in / 150mm £4.25Save £0.09 Sealey Steel Rule 300mm/12in £4.43Save £0.91 Blue Spot Aluminium Ruler 24In/600mm 33934 £4.55  Faithfull Folding Rule Yellow Abs Plastic 1mtr £4.59Save £1.66 Faithfull Folding Rule White ABS Plastic 1 Metre £4.59Save £1.66 Faithfull Aluminium Rule 300mm /12in £4.60  Faithfull Aluminium Rule 300mm-triangle £4.65  Stabila 1607 Wooden Folding Rule 2m/78in £4.80Save £0.79 Stabila Wooden Folding Rule Brick & Block 2m £4.80Save £0.79 Fisher F112ME Steel Rule 12in/300mm £5.35  Stanley Wooden Folding Rule 2 Metre £5.88Save £1.27 Fisco 712S Stainless Steel Rule 12in/30cm £6.16  Fisco XFY1ME Yellow ABS Nylon Rule 1m/39in £6.71Save £1.81 Stanley 64R Rustless Rule 150mm/6in 0-35-400 £6.82Save £2.28 Stanley 64FR Rustless Rule 150mm/6in 0-35-432 £6.82Save £2.28 Fisher Satin Chrome Rule 12in-300mm £6.89Save £1.10 Fisher F124MEe Steel Rule 24in/600mm £6.97  Faithfull Steel Rule 600mm/24in X 25mm £7.33Save £1.07 Sealey Steel Rule 600mm/24in £9.01Save £0.53 Fisco 725S Stainless Steel Rule 24in/61cm £9.20Save £0.20 R.S.T Hardwood Metre Stick Plain RMS670 £9.22  R.S.T Wooden Folding Rule 1000mm/39in RSR073 £9.99Save £2.77 Faithfull Aluminium Rule 1 Metre / 39in £10.24  Stanley 1302 Long Life Rule 1m/3 0-35-445 £10.51Save £8.05 R.S.T RSR073P Sybren Wood Folding Rule £10.70Save £3.42 Fisco XFB1ME White Nylon Rule 1m/39in £11.80Save £4.23 Stanley 64FR Rustless Rule 300mm/12in 0-35-433 £12.39Save £2.91 HUL Steel Rule 60cm £12.87Save £2.35 Fisco BR1 Me Bench Rule 1m/3ft £13.34  Fisher F39ME Steel Rule 39in/1m £14.83  Faithfull Steel Rule 1m/36in X 30mm £14.94Save £2.46 Sealey Steel Rule 1000mm/40in £15.56  Fisher Satin Chrome Rule 24in-600mm £16.75Save £2.79 Stanley 64R Rustless Rule 600mm/24in 1-35-402 £20.52Save £9.32 Fisco BR1 Metric/English Bench Rule 1m/3ft - Government Stamped £20.81  HUL Steel Rule 100cm £21.28Save £2.41 Stanley 60R Line of Chords Rule 600mm 1-35-333 £28Save £13.78 Stanley 64SR Chrome Rule 1m/39in 0-35-406 £29Save £9.50 Fisher Satin Chrome Rule 39in - 1m £31Save £5.84 Fisco SR2M Surveyors Rod 2m £34Save £16.14 Fisco SR2ME Surveyors Rod 2m/78in £34Save £16.14 Stanley MW20M Counter Measuring Wheel 177175 £48Save £27.13 Stabila T-NL Telescopic Measuring Rod 4 Metre £59Save £5.90
Results 1-52 (of 59) for Rules Wheels
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